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Financial Highlights

To be announced after the interim financial results as of March 2016 are posted (interim financial results for the first fiscal period ending in August 2016).

■Operating revenues

(JPY million)

■Operating income

(JPY million)

■Net income

(JPY million)

■Distribution per Unit
(including distribution in excess of earnings per unit)


■Total assets

(JPY million)

■Interest-bearing debt and LTV (Note 1)

1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Operating revenues (JPY million) 1,134 5,130
Operating income (JPY million) 723 3,171
Ordinary income (JPY million) 227 2,498
Net income (JPY million) 227 2,496
Total assets (JPY million) 174,266 172,468
Distribution per unit
(including distribution in excess of earnings per unit) (JPY/unit)
- 2,453
Interest-bearing debt (JPY million) 63,428 58,970
Loan to Value Ratio (LTV) (Note 1) (%) 36.4 34.2
(Note 1) The LTV is calculated based on the following formula : End of period Interest-bearing debt / End of period total assets*100