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Portfolio Data

Portfolio Summary

As of February 28,2023

Portfolio Size
357.8 billion yen
Occupancy Rate
No. of Properties
PML (Note)
(Note) The Probable Maximum Loss (“PML”) was based on LaSalle Logiport REIT’s “18 Property Portfolio Seismic Risk Analysis Review Report” produced by Tokio Marine & Nichido Risk Consulting Co., Ltd. (currently Tokio Marine dR) as of March, 2021.

Portfolio Diversification (Note1) (Note2) (Note3) (Note4)

As of August 31,2022

■By Area

■By Gross Floor Area

■By Property Age

(Note1) 19 properties owned by LLR as of Augut 31, 2022. Figures are as of August 31, 2022.
(Note2) Calculated by weighted average with acquisition price, decimal digits are rounded to the nearest interger.
(Note3) “Higashi Ogishima (leasehold land)” are land acquisitions, are not included in “By Gross Floor Area” and “By Property Age”.
(Note4) “Property Age” with respect to “LOGIPORT Amagasaki” was calculated from October 13, 2017, when renovation work and conversion from a factory to logistics facility was completed.